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Who We Are

Welcome to GAPMED – Pioneering Advanced Medical Solutions

At GAPMED, we are committed to supporting healthcare facilities by delivering cutting-edge medical innovation and top-tier professionals for unparalleled patient care. Our customised services supply advanced medical advancements in various fields, creating teams of healthcare experts in Anaesthesia, Emergency/Urgency Medicine, Orthopaedics, Surgery, Radiology, and Nursing. We prioritise patient safety, optimise surgical procedures, and ensure clinics and hospitals maintain excellent standards of patient care, leading patient innovation for healthcare providers across Italy, the UK, and Switzerland.

Our Services

Tailored Healthcare Services for Optimal Patient Care

  • Network of Talented Medical & Nursing Personnel: “GAPMED enhances healthcare facilities by providing access to a wide network of specialized medical and nursing personnel, significantly improving capacity and patient care.
  • Streamlined Healthcare Processes: “With our surgical teams, we streamline operating room turnover time, boosting efficiency and enhancing the care capabilities of the entire team.”
  • End-To-End Patient Management: “We manage the entire patient process from admission to postoperative care, ensuring patient expectations are met and fostering long-term relationships.”

Our Specialties

Diverse Specializations for Comprehensive Care

GAPMED offers expertise across multiple specializations, including Urology, Prosthetic Orthopedics, ENT, Ophthalmology, Bariatric Surgery, and Plastic Surgery. We also create tailored teams for other specializations upon request, ensuring a wide range of requirements are met with the highest standards of care.

GAPMED Values and Impact

Our Commitment to Excellence and Innovation

At GAPMED, we value patient safety, professional excellence, and innovation through technological advancements. Our processes are designed to be successful for both patients and staff, meeting rising expectations and community needs. This dedication to excellence is evident in every professional in our network, streamlined operations, and comprehensive knowledge in the healthcare system.

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Embark on a Career with GAPMED

As a member of GAPMED, you’ll be part of a network delivering a dynamic approach to healthcare, valuing both patients and staff. We offer flexible shifts, fair treatment, and compensation for your expertise. Join us to maintain your self-employed status, plan your future, and work with top-tier facilities.

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